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Natural Beauty Products

Why nature for curls?

The driving force for any well defined curl is moisture together with well selected natural ingredients that are best fit for your hair type. Building in nature sourced ingredients in the right mix, dosage and frequency for your daily hair care helps you achieve the curliest curls.
We have developed a process to identify exactly what those natural ingredients are and what recipes and mixes can help you achieve the perfect curl. That's our edge - we bring nature's solutions to your hair. Nature is all around us, so wherever you are there is a solution for your curls!
Natural Beauty Products

Our Methodology

These digital books comprise tried and tested recipes from our highly rated and researched curl mixes and combinations. Our methodology comprises deep research across all cultures and ethnicities to identify what the top curly girl method mixes and recipes are in order to help anyone achieve the best curl factor for their hair type. 


The recipes were ranked and narrowed to the highest rated, most effective and timeless recipes that will aid you with achieving the best curl. What is recommended is that you choose your preferred recipes for each of the 5 stages of the curly girl method and use these consistently for 6 weeks for your curl transformation. This time period is long enough to build moisture and health in your hair to its maximum hydration and achieve its ultimate curl factor.


Our unique books identify the top global recipes to achieve the most pronounced and luscious curls.

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